Sensual Massage Description: 
  • LINGAM Massage  Awakening MALE sexual energy specifically designed for men. The goals of the Lingam massage are to honor your Man’s Lingam (refers to the “Penis“) and to help him to expand his ability to receive pleasure.Unlike a traditional “handjob”, the goal with an erotic Lingam Massage is not immediate orgasm. Rather, it is to ensure the overall health of the male organ, to relax micro tensions and to prepare the Lingam (penis) for future healthy sex. Of course, orgasms do occur because this type of massage is very intimate and extremely pleasureable.Ejaculation is normal due to intense erotic pleasure.lingammassage12010-10-19-images-inkeles_video
  • YONI Massage –Awakening FEMALE sexual energy.Yoni (refers to vulva or sanskrit word ” Vigina ” )Yoni massage is extremely stimulating. Orgasm or release is not a goal.Yoni massage it helps you to relax and experience pleasure.The masseuse slowly massage your viginal lips so expect erotic sensation.


  • NURU MassageInstead of using her hands, the therapist will use her bare body to perform the massage. At the beginning of the session, she will apply a reasonable amount of massage oil onto your body, after which she then slides her body against yours to ignite a series of unimaginable sensations.Nuru  is performed naked means your masseuse will be completely nude throughout all massage session, from the exciting beginning till the ambrosial end of it. Body to body massage or BODY SLIDE. Nuru comes from the word Japanese means “slippery” Both parties naked. For matured or adult massage only.Masseuse pour generous amounts of essential oils all over your body. Sliding her naked body along yours, thus relaxing your muscles and relieving tension. It’s a really interesting and arousing session.


  • TANTRIC Massage Will use massage accessories such as feathers , fruits etc.Touching private parts ,soft touch , erotic touch of love , relaxation ,to receive.Strictest definitions is a massage of the lingam or of the yoni.


  • Couples Sensual  Massage  – If you are an open-minded couple wishing to spice up your sex life and take it to the whole new level, tantric massage for couples is something you’d want to try. Explore your own sexuality, as well as that of your partner.Dive into the depth of erotic pleasure together with your partner, enjoy watching your partner’s arousal while savoring your own, pamper your bodies and re-kindle your passion.The couple massage (married couple ,boyfriend-girlfriend couple ,same sex partners )is special because both can plunge into a sensuous experience at the same time, which was given as a present to each other beforehand. This creates a special place and the couple can exchange their experiences afterwards, and maybe even include parts into their love life. Many couples give this experience to each other for their wedding anniversary.The ritual sensual massage service done one by one only since  Cindy (freelance masseuse from Makati, Philippines) is only available.She is highly experience on sensual tantric massage.


  • Pocket Massage – Refers to hand job
  • Masseuse Female massage therapist

Prostate Massage for MEN-or Prostate milking is the massage or stimulation of the male prostate gland for sexual stimulation or medical purposes.Prostate massage is an age-old form of procuring a healthy prostate and achieving deeper orgasmic pleasure for men by helping a man reach a male p-spot orgasm. Note: The masseuse  will use condom or medical gloves for prostate massage purposes only.