Jun 262013


  • For your benefit please read my terms of enjoyment carefully.By booking a sensual tantric massage you fully understand,matured,agree with an accept to abide by my terms as stated below.
  • Pay the exact fee prior to the massage.I accept donation. ( giving tip to your masseuse is your option)
  • Be free from the influence of drugs and alcohol.I am strictly not accepting drugs and alcohol invitation.
  • Guest (Male ,Female ,Couples) should over 18 years old legal an adult.
  • Stay passive , NO touching during massage or refrain from fondling , groping ,NO touching private areas of your masseuse.Let the masseuse do all the work.Just enjoy and receive the pleasure.
  • Please refrain from kneading,pinching,fingering or any act of rudeness.Any inapropriate or vulgar advances will result in immediate termination of services.You will still pay the masseuse of her asking exact tantric massage service amount.
  • I dont provide sex service nor sex offered.To avoid misunderstanding ,Strictly MASSAGE for relaxation purposes only.NO extra service or no sex service against her.Despite of the erotically  nature of tantric massage, the service is meant and designed solely as therapeutic and educational experience for adults, and does not include and should never be considered anything other than this. To avoid possible confusion kindly note and read my  terms of condition.Thank you.
  • Strictly no taking photos ,videos or any form of recording device.Respect the masseuse if you want to be respected.
  • If the client female is uncomfortable, confuse ,worried about my sensual massage procedure then the  female partner is permitted to watch her partner during the masseuse massage session but strictly no videos allowed.
  • Have excellent hygiene.Be 100% clean.Please take a bath before massage start.Wash your private area specially your anus thoroughly.
  • (Optional) Shave or trim your pubic hair
  • Set your room temperature warmer for your comfort.
  • Allow the masseuse to shower before the massage start.
  • Provide extra clean towel for masseuse.
  • Provide extra bed sheet or towel for your bed
  • (Optional) Prepare your personal essential oils and personal scented candles ( if you want to use your own personal massage oil.Normally massage therapist provide massage oil.)
  • (Optional) Prepare soothing meditation music or any personal choice of relaxing music. Alternative music is from TV or Radio.
  • Cindy, the masseuse has the right to refuse any client who intent, behavior , and appearance are not consistent with my views and policies.
  • Additional taxi fare charge rush hour (7am-9am /5pm -9pm)
  • Taxi fare charge depends on your location
  • This Ads/ Tantric Massage Service, operate and managed by ”ONE PERSON ONLY.”
  • Cindy share private photos via email.Contact her at sensualblissmassage@yahoo.com for photo request.The gallery/private photos of cindy masseuse does not contain sexy or naked photos, primarily because i do not engage in sexual activities.Don’t expect nude or erotic pictures because i don’t share those kind of photos.MY photos are private and highly confidential to protect my identity.Photos of cindy masseuse can be share via email only.
  • I only provide the access of my gallery to selected and trusted clients. To all new clients, all your inquiries will be screened and monitored carefully.
  • “All personal details are ,without exception, handled discreetly ,securely and confidentially , never shared with third parties and you will not be contacted after booking.”
  • Additional sensual massage fee’s Php500+ depends on your location during late hours starts (12am-4am)
  • Since I’m discreet masseuse this are my rules for meet up: Allowed meeting place only at (Five star hotels’ lobby only within Metro Manila,3-5 star Hotel rooms,Private residence, Condotels,condominium,exclusive villages,pension house in metro manila and other decent place)
  • Not allowed meeting places (Malls, Office, KTVs or Coffee shops, Cheap hotels, Motels,fast food shop,residential garage or public place)
  • NO cheap motel service policy
  • I have the rights to select my clients and have the rights to decline any request bookings.
  • I am very strict for locals/filipino.If you want to avail my services i suggest follow my instructions carefully
  • MISBEHAVIOR – breaching the agreed terms it should will result in immediate and permanent ban of my services.The above terms equally and unconditionally  applied to ALL CLIENTS.
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