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Yoni Massage

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Yoni is the Sanskrit word for VIGANA  and, loosely translated, means “sacred space.” Tantric philosophy approaches the vagina from a place of love and respect and yoni massage as a means of honoring women. While yoni massage is both sensual and pleasurable, the intent is not to bring the woman to orgasm but to awaken her awareness of her own sexuality and generate a bond of trust and intimacy with her partner.

Giving a Yoni Massage

Yoni massage in done in a comfortable and safe space. The room should be warm enough to be comfortable naked, and the area should be free from distractions and interruptions. Play soft relaxing music, if desired, but the music should not distract focus from each other.The woman should recline in a comfortable position, propped up on pillows so that she can see both her vagina and her partner. Before beginning, both partners should start with simple breathing exercises to relax and focus the breath. The giver should start the massage by first massaging other areas of the woman’s body, giving her time to relax. Initiate all touch with gentle, loving intent

The goal of the Yoni massage is not solely to achieve orgasm, although orgasm is often a pleasant and welcome side effect. The goal can be as simple as to pleasure and massage the Yoni. From this perspective both receiver and giver can relax, and do not have to worry about achieving any particular goal. When orgasm does occur it is usually more expanded, more intense and more satisfying. It is also helpful for the giver to not expect anything in return, but simply allow the receiver to enjoy the massage and to relax into herself.

Yoni massage is a whole body experience that includes touching, arousing and massaging the whole body, focusing on the neck and shoulders, buttocks, breasts, hip-joint, and finally the outside and then inside of the yoni, while occasionally massaging the rest of the body.

Benefits of Yoni Massage – for the recipient

There are many benefits and positive results that arise from receiving one or a series of yoni massage sessions. Going from the pleasure aspect, to the therapeutic aspect, to the spiritual aspect:

  • The whole body will become more erogenous, sensitive, pleasurable, orgasmic; Increased awareness and sensations specifically in the yoni
  • Experiencing different and new kinds of orgasms and orgasmic states
  • Learning how to recognize, deepen, lengthen and expand orgasms
  • Experiencing the auspicious feminine manifestation of female ejaculation or Amrita/Kalas
  • Healing and releasing past pain and trauma
  • Improving or overcoming conditions like frigidity, low libido, vaginismus, painful / abundant / irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps, dryness of the vagina, pain or irritation during love-making
  • Bringing health to the yoni, breasts, the whole body and the mind – an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away
  • Naturally and effortlessly magnifying the aspects of personal love, universal unconditional love, trust, surrender, femininity
  • Personal empowerment and growth – A sexually open and orgasmic woman will feel strong and empowered
  • The open state of mind and the sexual energy can be used to connect with positive affirmations and intentions such as Femininity, Surrender, Sensuality, Openness, Will-Power, Love, Autonomy, Self-Confidence
  • Better connection with yourself, with your partner, with men, and with your fellow sisters
  • Experience receiving without needing to reciprocate
  • Opening energy channels (Nadis / Meridians) throughout the body and waking up Kundalini Shakti – the flow of spiritual energy from the base of the spine to the crown of the head
  • Higher states of consciousness, stillness, transcendence, dissolution, oneness
  • A yoni massage session can be a meditation by itself, or can serve as a preparation for a meditation session.

Benefits of Yoni Massage – for the giver

Although we are more focused and concerned with a selfless action with the highest good of the recipient, there are still many benefits for the giver:

  • Men who have conditions like STD/STI (Sexually transmitted Infections), temporary or chronic premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, men who already ejaculated, men who are fatigued or elderly, or men who have a small Lingam (The sanskrit word for penis), can still pleasure a woman with their fingers
  • Men who are starting in sexual tantra and practicing ejaculation control often have to pause moving for a while during penetration or to pull out so they don’t ejaculate. During these pauses, one can give yoni stimulation/massage to the woman
  • It is very humbling, inspiring and rewarding to be allowed to facilitate pleasure, therapy and elevated states of consciousness, to facilitate and witness the manifestation of the divine feminine
  • Better understanding of your woman’s specific preferences, rhythms, and challenges (which aspects or areas you need to help her open into)
  • Better connection with your woman
  • Learn how to pleasure a woman in many different ways
  • Experience giving without needing to receive; Give for the sake of giving

Benefits of Yoni Massage – for the couple

  • Deeper intimacy, connection, and love
  • Widening the range of shared sexual activity
  • Better communication and understanding

Attitudes that both partners should cultivate when Sharing a yoni massage session

  • Love – do it from love, for love and with love
  • Aspiration – Aspire to higher states of pleasure and orgasm, deeper love and connection between the two of you, and higher states of being and consciousness
  • Openness – Allow welcome and cherish free expression of all feelings, emotions, gestures, sounds, pain, pleasure, bodily fluids, etc.
  • Acceptance and Detachment – Accept, embrace, celebrate and be grateful for whatever arises; Women get stressed when they feel they are supposed to orgasm or to perform in a certain way. Do not expect orgasm and do not put pressure on the woman to orgasm or have any other expected outcomes
  • Patience and Persistence – “Women are different; Sometimes they are different every day” Things take time; women take time to trust, to be aroused, to open up emotionally and physically, and take time to surrender; Men take time to learn how to pleasure a woman, how to contain her emotions, how to be more present and sensitive; Something that worked today might not work tomorrow or with another partner; Both partners should keep trying, and have patience
  • Transfiguration – Transform all aspects of the experience into elevated mythical and mystical archetypes – Decorate and transfigure the space into a sacred pure beautiful space, transfigure the experience into a spiritual experience; The man should see himself as Shiva, Krishna, or Don Juan de Marco and transfigure the woman into a goddess, shakti, a manifestation of the divine feminine, a queen in an ancient kingdom, a movie star, a model or whatever archetype he resonates with; He should focus on all the feminine and attractive qualities of the woman, and make himself adore and appreciate the qualities or features he didn’t find attractive at the beginning; The woman should likewise perceive and transfigure herself and allow herself to manifest as Shakti, as a Goddess, and transfigure her man as Shiva
  • Yoni massage is a process – it unfolds over many sessions spread over weeks, months and years; Allow the body and the soul time to heal and transform; Allow your partner to gradually open up, trust, surrender, let go, and allow the natural processes to unfold; Sometimes it will seem like the condition is getting worse, but then shortly thereafter it will become much better. Even one single session is a process by itself
  • Enthusiasm, Fun and Exploration – The experience should be light, enjoyable; adopt an attitude of exploring and discovering together
  • Selflessness – Men – Invite your woman to enjoy receiving without a need to reciprocate; Women – Allow yourself to receive without the need to give back
  • Sacredness – Regard the experience as a sacred spiritual practice; Treat each other as sacred beings; Sublime your energies to the higher aspects and energy centers; Meditate together after you finish the session

Attitudes to cultivate when Receiving a yoni massage session

  • Trust and Surrender – Trust your partner, your body, and the process; Accept and surrender to the experience, to the feelings, emotions, energies and sensations
  • Courage – At times there might be pain or disorientation or sensations which are new and strange or a feeling of “i can’t take it anymore”. Have courage to allow, experience and then go through whatever arises. “The only way Beyond a problem, is Through it”
  • Honesty and clear communications – Men need clear detailed feedback. If something is pleasant, say so; If something is unpleasant, say so. Give directions when you feel they are needed. Men will be grateful for any help in figuring out what to do. Just make sure your man doesn’t feel your are giving him commands
  • Self Discovery – You are embarking on a new journey into your body, femininity, and sexuality. Be excited about learning and discovering new realms of sensations, feelings and states of being
  • Presence, Receptivity and Sensitivity – Don’t go into your mind. Stay present with your body, your partner, and the experience; Be aware of any sensations, feelings, energy flows, different perceptions; Specifically direct your awareness towards wherever your partner is touching you or towards wherever you feel the energy


Prepare scented candles

Music can add experience.Prepare ,relaxing music ,tantric music playlist,

Prepare 2 big Towels,1 hand towel, cushions, blankets, snacks or fruits,water, whatever else you want for comfort.

Regular massage 30 minutes dry/oil

30 minutes art of stroking ,begin massaging sacred spot

At this point orgasm may occur, don’t fight it keep breathing, lose yourself in it. Remember YONI Massage is for your pleasure.

Get in Touch!

Kindly sms or email this following format.
  • Guest contact number ( local and international number , hotel number)
  • Guest Hotel Room no./Condo Unit number 
  • Date and specific time of sensual massage appointment
  • Complete hotel/condo/apartment street address ,house address
  • Direction ,landmark ,how to get there…

*I agree with the “TERMS OF ENJOYMENT.” and abide,consent with the rules of the masseuse. *Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Covered Service Area:
All condo ,apartment hotels in Makati,Ortigas,Manila,Mandaluyong,Taguig,Fort Bonifacio,Manila,Pasay,Eastwood,Greenhills


  • Be free from the influence of drugs and alcohol.I am strictly not accept  drugs and alcohol invitation.
  • Guest (Male ,Female ,Couples) should under 24  years old and above.
  • Stay passive , NO touching during massage or refrain from fondling , groping ,NO touching private areas of your masseuse.Let the masseuse do all the work.Just enjoy and receive the pleasure.
  • Strictly no taking photos ,videos or any form of recording device.Respect the masseuse if you want to be respected.
  • If the client female is uncomfortable, confuse , feeling jealous of the situation,worried about my sensual massage procedure then the wife , girlfriend ,fiancée is permitted to watch her beau during the masseuse massage session but strictly no videos allowed.
  • Have excellent hygiene.Be 100% clean.Please take a bath before massage start.Wash your private area specially your anus thoroughly.
  • Set your room temperature warmer for your comfort. Air conditioner  set beyond 19 degree celsius or lower or electric fan is fine for me.
  • Allow the masseuse to shower before the massage start.
  • Provide extra clean towel for masseuse.
  • Provide extra bedsheet or towel for your bed
  • (Optional)prepared your personal essential oils and personal scented candles ( if you want to use your own personal massage oil.Normally massage therapist provide massage oil.)
  • (Optional)prepared soothing meditation music or any personal choice of relaxing music. Alternative music is from TV or Radio..  
  • Cindy the masseuse has the right to refuse any client who intent, behavior , and appearance are not consistent with my views and policies.
  • Additional taxi fare charge rush hour (7am-9am /5pm -9pm)
  • Additional sensual massage fee’s P500+ depends on your location during late hours starts (12am-4am)
  • MISBEHAVIOR – breaching the agreed terms will result and immediate and permanent ban of my services.The above terms equally and unconditionally  applied to ALL CLIENTS.