Jun 132015


Prepare scented candles

Music can add experience.Prepare ,relaxing music ,tantric music playlist,

Prepare 2 big Towels,1 hand towel, cushions, blankets, snacks or fruits,water, whatever else you want for comfort.

Regular massage 30 minutes dry/oil

30 minutes art of stroking ,begin massaging private spot

At this point orgasm may occur, don’t fight it keep breathing, lose yourself in it. Remember YONI/lingam/tantric Massage is for your pleasure.



  • Be free from the influence of drugs and alcohol.I am strictly not accept  drugs and alcohol invitation.
  • Guest (Male ,Female ,Couples) should under 24  years old and above.
  • Stay passive , NO touching during massage or refrain from fondling , groping ,NO touching private areas of your masseuse.Let the masseuse do all the work.Just enjoy and receive the pleasure.
  • Strictly no taking photos ,videos or any form of recording device.Respect the masseuse if you want to be respected.
  • If the client female is uncomfortable, confuse , feeling jealous of the situation,worried about my sensual massage procedure then the wife , girlfriend ,fiancée is permitted to watch her beau during the masseuse massage session but strictly no videos allowed.
  • Have excellent hygiene.Be 100% clean.Please take a bath before massage start.Wash your private area specially your anus thoroughly.
  • Set your room temperature warmer for your comfort. Air conditioner  set beyond 19 degree celsius or lower or electric fan is fine for me.
  • Allow the masseuse to shower before the massage start.
  • Provide extra clean towel for masseuse.
  • Provide extra bedsheet or towel for your bed
  • (Optional)prepared your personal essential oils and personal scented candles ( if you want to use your own personal massage oil.Normally massage therapist provide massage oil.)
  • (Optional)prepared soothing meditation music or any personal choice of relaxing music. Alternative music is from TV or Radio..  
  • Cindy the masseuse has the right to refuse any client who intent, behavior , and appearance are not consistent with my views and policies.
  • Additional taxi fare charge rush hour (7am-9am /5pm -9pm)
  • Additional sensual massage fee’s P500+ depends on your location during late hours starts (12am-4am)
  • MISBEHAVIOR – breaching the agreed terms will result and immediate and permanent ban of my services.The above terms equally and unconditionally  applied to ALL CLIENTS.

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