• GUEST: Your website indicated certain geographical limits as to the availability of your service. If interested, I live inside villages in Quezon city, Philippines. Would you be able to provide service in this area?

Cindy Masseuse replied:  The guest should be staying in hotel ,condo , apartment ,exclusive villages , resort,townhouse and other decent places around Makati Central Business District ,Rockwell, Bel- air villages makati , urdaneta villages makati , Pasay ,Manila ,Ortigas,Pasig, Pasay, Malate, Resorts world newport city manila, The Fort Bonifacio ,Taguig, Forbes town circle, Malate,Pasay,Eastwood,Greenhills,Forbes park,Mandaluyong area only.For Foreigner’s guest, I am  willing to travel, extend and visit your decent  place.

Click here for more info http://www.manilabestmassage.com/service-area/

  • Guest: How much should I add for your transportation fees?

Cindy Masseuse replied:Transportation fare depends on distance on your location.Additional taxi/transportation  fare charge apply outside metro manila.

Click here for more info http://www.manilabestmassage.com/service-area/


  • Guest: Why NO motel service?

For locals, I am equal to everyone.I try to be fair to everybody.Please abide by my rules/terms of enjoyment/terms and condition.NO MOTEL SERVICE POLICY this due  to many reasons (example : times constraints ,lack of guest information,unregistered guest,hassle, motels not are safe place.Motel are not decent place.This is safety for both of us concern.Safety is of utmost importance.

  • Guest: Secrecy is of utmost importance to me. I do not want my neighbors , maid to know of this . I am assuming that you or your staff would be coming wearing normal casual attire?

Cindy Masseuse replied:

  1. I don’t wear scrubs clothing (medical or spa attendees clothing attire) because i never work in any related spa’s or spa agencies.
  2. I dont accept guest request wearing me this kind of skimpy outfit .I don’t wear mini skirt , or shorty slutty shorts ,skimpy skirt. I respect my client secrecy so i remain to wear simple jeans,simple and ordinary ,covered clothes on top or sometimes conservative dress with blazer.
  3. I don’t wear lingerie and please don’t push me to wear this kind of kinky clothes.I don’t accept guest request wearing me this kind of skimpy uniform.If you want me to wear shorts during massage then remind me before the massage start.
  • Guest: As the service would be performed in one of the bedrooms, I do not want any part of the bed or furniture to be stained with oil / chemicals. Will you be bringing a massage mat so we can do this on the floor?

Cindy Masseuse replied: I don’t provide inflatable massage mat. Expect messy oil in your bed so just prepare extra tower /extra bed sheet or optional.-prepared personal essentials massage oil.If you want to do massage on the floor then its fine with me.Masseuse normally bring massage oil.

  • Guest:Your website mentioned that sensual massage service cost is P3,000  (Philippines currency) for 60mins minutes?Kindly confirm.

Cindy Masseuse replied: Rates are FINAL and non negotiable.PRICES maybe subject to change without prior notice.

  • Guest: Can i get discount? Why other spa’s offer cheap rates?

Cindy Masseuse replied: Rates are FINAL. I offer quality ,intimate relaxation and seductive touch massage service with erotic twist at the comfort of your own home,condo ,hotel,decent places and I don’t rush things and I’m a independent,legal age direct on call masseuse.

  • Guest: How about i want massage for 2 hours? is there any possible discount?

Cindy masseuse replied: Yes! I accept 2 hours massage booking appointment.Just inform your masseuse about the massage duration you want to avail.Massage rates are final and non negotiable.

  • Guest: What if I avail 60mins of your sensual massage service and I get bored,hurry for meeting and I want to finish the massage service in 30mins? Is it possible if I get discount?

Cindy masseuse replied:No. It’s highly unfair to the masseuse if you asked her for a discount.Bear in mind that she made an  extra effort to find and reach your location.No discount even the massage session finish in no time at all.

  • Guest: What if I will be your regular client? Is there possible to have discount?

Cindy:Sorry but massage rates are FINAL and non negotiable.Cab fares nowadays is expensive during rush hour or  sometimes I pay double (additional )taxi rates during rush hour.If I’m going to commute it will take me hoursss before I arrive in your hotel or worst I will stuck in the middle of the traffic.Clients are demanding and so I am.So that’s why I prepared to ride cab/taxi so that I will arrive in your hotel without any hassle.

  • Guest: If I like the service, can i request for an extension? how much do you charge for extension?

Cindy Masseuse replied: I have bookings to meet so for me to adequately provide a complete
service just inform  me ahead of time so i can make the necessary
schedule adjustments.

  • Guest: Do you offer extra service or more than a massage like sex service?

Cindy Masseuse replied: NO.To avoid misunderstanding ,Strictly  MASSAGE  for relaxation purposes only.NO extra service or no sex service against her.Despite of the erotically  nature of tantric massage, the service is meant and designed solely as therapeutic and educational experience for adults, and does not include and should never be considered anything other than this. To avoid possible confusion kindly note and read my  terms of condition.Thank you.

  • Guest: How come you don’t offer extra service since you are naked during massage?

Cindy Masseuse replied: The guest should fully understand ,consent about the sensual touch massage services.Kindly read my terms of enjoyment carefully.

  • Guest:Can I request the masseuse to tickle me using their fingers/toes?

Cindy Masseuse replied:Part of my seductive touch relaxing massage stage is I use tantric ostrich feathers and fingers/toes for tickling sensation.

  • Guest: How much advance time do you need for a booking?

Cindy Masseuse replied: Call me 1 hours or early afternoon in advance or email me for advance booking appointment

  • Guest: Are you available 24hours?

Cindy Masseuse repliedNO. I am not. I have work by days so you may avail my massage service by appointment basis only.email me for advance booking  sensualblissmassage@yahoo.com

  • Guest: Do you accept early wake up call massage appointment? let say 6am?

Cindy masseuse replied: Yes! For appointment basis only.Email me at sensualblissmassage@yahoo.com for arrangement

  • Guest: Can you send me your photos?

Cindy Masseuse replied : email me at sensualblissmassage@yahoo.com /manilabestmassage@yahoo.com for photo request and other concern.Wait for my reply within 24hours.My photos are not available in public.for private viewing only.

  • Guest ; Can you share your photos via MMS or do you have social network account showing your clear photos?

My photos are available via email only for private viewing.

  • Guest : I saw your picture.Send me more pictures please.Send me other girls photos. I want to see your naked photos as well.

Cindy Masseuse replied: I will share my private photos via email only.Again , I am independent masseuse means i operated this massage service by myself so don’t expect other girls photos.Just check your attachment or click images or check your spam  ( Unsolicited e-mail). Don’t expect to seen porn/naked pictures. I don’t share those kind of images.


  • Guest : How old are you?

Cindy Masseuse replied:  Im legally 28th and I’m fully matured of my services.

  • Guest: What is your choices of massage oil?

Cindy: Peppermint , Lavender , Eucalyptus massage oil made from a special blend of finest natural chemicals to provide a soothing effect to the skin during a massage. I use high quality massage oil.I don’t sell massage oil. I order massage oil in reputable spa supplier.

  • Guest :  Can we chat on Yahoo messenger ? Skype ? other instant messenger?When are you online?

Cindy Masseuse replied:  Due to my hectic schedule I don’t know when I’m available for online chat. If you have any concern ,questions, photo request email me directly at sensualblissmassage@yahoo.com
expect my email reply within 24hours.

  • Guest: Do you serve couples?partners?

Cindy Masseuse replied: Yes! read more http://www.manilabestmassage.com/type-of-massage-service/

Cindy masseuse replied: The couple massage (married couple ,boyfriend-girlfriend couple ,same sex partners )is special because both can plunge into a sensuous experience at the same time, which was given as a present to each other beforehand. This creates a special place and the couple can exchange their experiences afterwards, and maybe even include parts into their love life. Many couples give this experience to each other for their wedding anniversary.The ritual sensual massage service done one by one only since Cindy (freelance masseuse from Makati, Philippines) is only available.Cindy is independent masseuse.

  • Guest: Will you allowed my husband or my partner to watch us while you perform sensual massage?

Cindy Masseuse replied. Yes! But no taking photo ,video and other recording device.

  • Guest: How can i convince my wife or partner to try sensual massage service?

Cindy masseuse replied: First you should explain to partner what will exactly happens , idea ,expectation about sensual massage service.Both couple should be  adult and open minded about this services.Please share my couples tantric massage blog/website to your wife/partner so that he/she can fully understand about the couples massage procedure. Couple sensual massage service ideals for Monthsary , wedding anniversary ,special occasion for partners.Never force your partner against her/his wish not even try to convince her if she have some moral values attached to this aspect, secondly, you should be extremely faithful and in love with your partner because the pleasant massage may end up in a intercourse at the end, so you should be emotionally ready to face such kind of things(never loose faith on the partner, better encourage him/her to tell you frankly if they keep any desire to have sex with someone else this will increase faith and understanding among the partner in short the couple should both open minded about adult sensual massage service.

  • Guest: Is there any age limitation ?

Cindy Masseuse replied: Yes. The client over 18+ and above legally an adult. He /She should consent of my terms of enjoyment and fully matured of this kind of massage adult services.

  • Guest: Can i take you photos ,videos , or any related communication recording device while you doing your services?

Cindy Masseuse replied : It’s a big NO. Respect your masseuse if you want to be respected.

  • Guest: What is Nuru? Tantric ?Yoni ? lingam ?pocket massage? How will sensual massage perform?

Cindy Masseuse replied:  For sensual massage definition read my entry blog.read more http://www.manilabestmassage.com/type-of-massage-service/

  • Guest: Do you serve yoni massage for female?

Cindy Masseuse replied: Yes!
  • Guest: As a Female guest, What will i expect?

YONI Massage -Awakening FEMALE sexual energy.Yoni (refers to vulva or sanskrit word vigina. ) Orgasm or release is not a goal.It is extremely stimulating.Expect to massage your private area.For intense pleasure only.Don’t expect orgasm. Read more http://www.manilabestmassage.com/type-of-massage-service/

  •  Guest: Are you naked during our massage sessions?

Cindy  Masseuse replied: Yes!  both parties are fully naked.

  • Guest: Can I touch you?

Cindy Masseuse replied:  Touching your masseuse is not PERMITTED!  IF you want to experience real sensual tantric massage then you should STAY PASSIVE- NO TOUCHING – DURING THE MASSAGE.Respect the masseuse boundaries at all times. This sensual massage therapy package does not include release.This package does not involved actual penetrative sex.Ejaculation is not the goal of Tantric massage, but can happen if you wish so.Please remember that I am here to give you a massage and not to share your intimate pleasures. For this reason I ask that you concentrate on what you are feeling without trying to touch the masseuse.Learn to read and ask.

  • Guest: What is outcall massage service? Do you provide place?

Cindy Masseuse replied: First I don’t provide place.I’m a freelancer masseuse (female massage therapist). I do outcall massage service only means  I visit my client place.Client should staying in condo , apartment ,hotel ,villages around makati area only.

  • Guest: Why you don’t accept MOTEL massage service invitation?

Cindy  Massuese replied: lack of guest information,unregistered guest.very hassle due to time constraints for me motel are not a safe place,motel are not decent place

  • Guest: Regarding prostate massage i am quite curious about your procedure? do you use toys?do you use surgical gloves?

I am not using any sex toy.I will massages your body first 30 mins and another 30 mins for  prostate massages.I also massage your shaft while doing the prostate massage.I will use condom for prostate massage purposes.So please prepare condom or any surgical gloves.

  • Guest: Sorry, I have no other option than motel.

Cindy masseuse replied: No motel massage service policy.There’s a lot of budget friendly hotel inn around makati area. Search and google “cheap hotel in Makati.

For example http://gohotels.ph/

or check hotels around pasay road makati area.Remember ‘Registered client “ is my first and top priority.No more lame excuses.


  • Guest: Can i pick you up in public place or can we meet first in public?

Cindy  Massuese replied: I’m sorry but I’m afraid to say NO for discreet purposes.I will only meet you in your hotel room.

  • Guest: Can you go straight in my room? or can i meet you at the parking area? i dont want people know that i have a guest.I dont like you to register in lobby because my wife/gf/relatives might see my log in record.

Sorry but i cant go straight in your room easily.Expect a call from the lobby or security personal.I can only go up if you confirm that you are expecting a guest. Sorry but i dont meet up client in parking area. I fully understand that you are discreet person so i am and your idea is quite tricky.I also dont want any trouble  so i still prepare to log in for security purposes.If you dont like my idea then get a decent hotel.

  • GUEST: Why your not replying my text or sms?

Cindy masseuse replied:Oh well.I do not answer or entertain lewd, vulgar or
inapropriate text messages as well. It really depends on your text messages. example: Hi , hello , how much, can i date with you?spamming  text or repeated text , sending text every day , etc expect me not to reply and i only answer queries via email ONLY.send me your queries ,questions ,suggestions sensualblissmassage@yahoo.com


  • Guest: Why your not answering my calls?missed calls?

Cindy  masseuse replied:If you can’t reach me then try to leave a sms message so that i can call you back.I I also dont answer calls late at night as i am asleep around that time.prank calls,harsh messages i will automatically put you in my blockedlist

  • Guest: What is the best time to call you?

Cindy  masseuse replied: Around 2pm until 12pm only (Philippines local time zone)

  • Guest: What time are you usually available?

Cindy masseuse replied: 2pm -12pm everyday Philippines local time zone.

  • Guest: Are you available by morning?

Cindy masseuse replied:Yes ! by appointment basis only.email or sms me for booking arrangement

  • Guest: Are you willing to stay for more than a days or week for companionship?

Cindy: Sorry but my time is limited and i don’t go out with my clients.I don’t arrange escort service. I don’t provide sexual pleasure.I provide sensual massage service only.I cant stay long with you since my time is limited and i have work during days.

  • Guest: Due to my privacy , since you are wearing conservative clothes  can i announced you in the information desk as a “friend “?

Cindy: Sure!

  • Guest: Are you available for massage service right now?

Cindy: Depends. I accept rush hour client meeting but still it really depends if my reservation slots is available.Call me for sensual massage booking appointment.My sensual massage service is for appointment basis only.

  • Guest: If not , Can you suggest alternative dates?

Cindy: First come , First serve only.I cannot promise when I’m available so much its better to call me or send me an email for appointment.

  • Guest: Why you don’t entertain local clients?

Cindy: I am equal to everyone.I try to be fair to everybody but i find it extremely frustrating
to deal with locals. I am trying to be nice but some people are  difficult to deal with.I serve locals but selected filipino clients only.

  • Guest: Why i didn’t receive your email response?

Cindy: Make sure your email account is valid and still active. If you still didn’t receive my email then feel free to send email me at sensualblissmassage@yahoo.com or manilabestmassage@yahoo.com or sensualmassage.manila@yahoo.com

  • Guest :I received your email cindy but you did not answer my question back.

Cindy : all the details such as massage rates updates/info/massage procedure are already stated in my website.I will not accept indecent proposal.Hope that clears to everybody.

  • Guest: You look sounds professional.Well said details.How can i experience your sensual massage service?

Cindy: The best way to experience is to TRY and reserve your sensual massage service slot now.See you in your private room.Google and search sensual massage video for reference.

  • Guest: What if  the client did not pay you exact amount? or not intention to pay you?

Cindy: There is a severe penalty for non payment of services which may result in court proceedings against client which may lead to hefty fines or even jail. I do my out most best to give my clients the best service and experience it is onl fair that i be compensated for my services .Not paying massage service is strictly prohibited.Cindy masseuse accept US dollars ,Singapore dollars ,Philippines peso only.If that happen some legal actions,punishment will do or worst the client will sent to jail if he fails to pay massage service fee.Pay promptly by setting the exact amount which she demands on the table.Extra tip is optional.







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