Jan 092014

Couple inquiry

1. Will there be another masseuse to perform the massage if we want solo massage first?

Answer: click FAQs and read my terms of enjoyment www.manilabestmassage.com
As I’m saying I’m a freelance masseuse. I do ritual tantric massage one at a time

2. If yes, is Yoni massage performed by a male or just you?

Answer: Just me.

3. If it’s only you, can I watch first when you perform it to my husband then he’ll watch us afterwards?

Answer: Sure!

Will there be
Additional charge for watching?

Answer: none .

4. What can we expect in the couple sensual massage?

Answer : please read my blog www.manilabestmassage.com



Jan 092014

1. Curious, although I haven’t tried any massage spa in my life, aside from you being a freelancer, would you kindly enlighten me on the difference between a common spa and the services you offer?

Answer: Check my website and you will know the difference of my services than to others www.manilabestmassage.com

I am professional ,freelance and discreet nuru masseuse. Most of my client are foreigners. I do discreet massage service to most 5 star hotel ,condominium around Metro Manila via appointment only.
I select my client carefully. Locals are welcome if they stay in 5 star hotel or condominium . Please read my TERMS OF ENJOYMENT FOR MORE INFO

2. Are you going to perform any of the massage in nude or is it optional? Read my website www.manilabestmassage.com

3. Regarding “NURU massage”: was there an incident when your client orgasmed on you unintentionally? I guess that’s confidential.

Read my website www.manilabestmassage.com

But is it common to have an orgasm during the session?
For example: unintentionally ejaculating on your body?

Read my website www.manilabestmassage.com

4. Regarding “Couples Sensual Massage”: since you only do it one at a time, how can the other person enjoy the session?

Read my website www.manilabestmassage.com

a) are there alternatives to it other than doing it one at a time?

Alternatives ? As I’m saying I’m a freelance masseuse. Your massage should wait after her turn.

b) if the other person may watch and he/she finds it arousing, what if he or she starts to pleasure his/herself?

It is up to her /him 😉 as long as you don’t touch my body

Would it be okay? Would it offend you?


6. Are there going to be future proteges since you only work alone?


I think you really offer quality services based on the promising words on your website. Did you ever consider training someone to continue your work when you get older?

No.I am not interested to teach someone 🙂


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